Code of Professional Conduct

Range Business Services’ Code of Conduct

Ethical & Lawful

Range Business Services will act with honesty and integrity, and abide by all relevant laws and regulations. Range employees will not act in a manner that would bring the bookkeeping profession into disrepute, nor breach public trust in the bookkeeping profession or the specific trust of our clients and/or stakeholders.

Client Duty of Care

Range Business Services will use due care to understand the needs of all clients before providing services. Meeting the client’s requirements will be our top priority and we are determined to safeguard our clients’ interests at all times. However, if doing so would require Range Business Services to break any law, we would advise our clients and agree to an alternative course of action. Range Business Services are not obliged to accept any work whereby there is insufficient time or opportunity to complete. If this situation arises, we would advise our clients and agree an alternative arrangement.


All information obtained from the client belongs to the client. As a service provider, Range Business Services will protect all data and keep it confidential. All affiliates of Range Business Services who have been entrusted with client information and data, will, at all times, hold and preserve that data safely, in a convenient and secure location. Range Business Services will not disclose any information or data, except if consent is given by its owner or where there is a legal or professional duty to disclose. Range Business Services will not use any information or data to advantage the organisation or someone else without the owner’s consent.

Range Business Services comply with the Australian Privacy Act of 1988 and its subsequent amendments. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Objective & Independent

Range Business Services will be objective and free from any conflict of interest when performing professional duties. If a conflict of interest does arise between two or more clients, we will disclose this and explain.

Professional Limitations & Competencies

Range Business Services will only accept work that we are trained and competent to perform. We remain aware of our own limitations and will not knowingly imply we have competence or qualifications, which we do not have. Where advisable, Range Business Services will seek advice or help from appropriately qualified others, with your consent. Range Business Services will not give taxation advice or estate planning, nor will we provide investment services or advice.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Range Business Services currently hold Professional Indemnity Insurance with the Australian Bookkeepers Network. We also hold current certificates for Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation.

Improvement & Development

Range Business Services will actively look for opportunities to be more efficient and effective. We will keep our knowledge and skills up to date and stay abreast of new developments, technologies, practices and standards relevant to the bookkeeping field.